Here links to download this child theme (as example):

Before updating via FTP, remember to save the sub-language folder containing .mo files (/langs). Remember to refresh permalinks in Settings – Permalinks !

Sources of example are now available in dev-xiligroup github repository.
A zip of theme folder is available for recent version of xili-language (2.10) or former version (2.9.21).

  • Version 1.3 – as in 2013-xili, header can change according language – Before updating – VERIFY that version 2.9.11 of xili-language plugin is installed !! and twenty twelve 1.3,
  • twentytwelve-xili v1.3.1 (.zip 460kb 2013-11-12 – NEED XILI-LANGUAGE 2.9.11)
  • Version 1.2 – Before updating – VERIFY that version 2.8.8 of xili-language plugin is installed !!
  • twentytwelve-xili v1.2.1 (.zip 460kb 2013-07-17 – NEED XL 2.8.8)

Other multilingual child themes compatible with xili-language plugin: examples by




These examples are delivered ‘as is‘ to help webmaster to personalize their own custom themes or to be used ‘as is‘.