How to move banner in theme twentytwelve ?

By default in twentytwelve, the banner is under the nav menu, how to move it above just before the menu and behind the title of the website ?

Just add these two lines in style.css of child theme.

#page {background: #ffffff url( no-repeat top center;}
hgroup {height:182px;}

The first line inserts image pre-saved in Media Library. The second line moves the navigation menu just under the banner.


Child theme TwentyTwelve-xili – What’s new in version 1.2 ?

This example of child theme based on parent TwentyTwelve was completely rewritten.

Before updating to v 1.2 – VERIFY that version 2.8.8 of xili-language plugin is installed !!

It is now based on library and classes included in plugin xili-language and results of future TwentyTwelve-xili development for WP 3.6.

Previous features are conserved.

For webmasters : Live Theme customization is active, cloning of navigation menus and widgets zone possible, a default random slideshow is added by default.

For developers : This example is rich and the class is extendable. The code source in functions.php is tiny.

2012-xili : new version 1.1 with clonable sidebar. [updated]

Version 1.1 includes (as example for other themes) a new feature : clonable sidebar !
It is now possible to have a sidebar of each wanted target language. It can be very interesting if, according content strategy, the content (series of widget) are different in each language.

In xili-options, webmaster checks (or not) the sidebar to be cloned. And in Apparence/widget, the sidebar container appears at right column…

For developer as example for your theme : you will see a function in functions.php to define in admin UI which sidebar must be cloned and some new lines in sidebar.php and sidebar-front.php in the child theme.

Version 1.1.2 improves search form.

twentytwelve-xili v1.1.2

A bi- or multilingual WordPress Blog

This is just an abstract of the German article and does not reflect the entire blogpost or an translation!

If you are going to plan a bi- or multilingual blog many of the plugins I used failed in many ways. Therefore my workaround was to setup two different blogs each under its own URL and domain. For some reason this is not always the goal and you would love to offer more comfort to the reader as well as to the authors of your blog.

With a recent project I ran, I did not had the chance to split up the site into different setups and I used the  XILI plugins as my choice of tool to achieve the goal.

Especially for German folks, I’m going to write here what I have learned about using the XILI plugins to build a bi- or even multilingual blog with WordPress.

With XILI you have a so called trilogy of plugins to achieve that:

  • xili-language plugin: the core and main plugin that links your articles and offers to create a multilingual menu
  • xili-dictionary plugin: With xili-dictionary, it is easier to create or update online, via admin/dashboard UI, the files .mo of each language.
  • xili-tidy-tags plugin: With xili-tidy-tags, it is now possible to display sub-selection (cloud) of tags according language and semantic trans-language group (trademark,…).

As I’m writing these articles and post, I’m going to learn about the functionalities of the XILI plugins and I’m not a master here. I just explain my setup and approach which might be already helpful to those are having the same goal – to present a bi- or multilingual blog.

If you have questions or can not follow me for any reason please do not hesitate to get in contact with me.


Q: How to install this child theme ?

R: Like other child theme: upload the folder in themes folder near twenty twelve folder. In Appearance/Themes select this child as active theme. Next: setting the widgets and menus and xili-language settings (see wiki pages).

Soon more infos … 😉