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2012-xili : new version 1.1 with clonable sidebar. [updated]

Version 1.1 includes (as example for other themes) a new feature : clonable sidebar !
It is now possible to have a sidebar of each wanted target language. It can be very interesting if, according content strategy, the content (series of widget) are different in each language.

In xili-options, webmaster checks (or not) the sidebar to be cloned. And in Apparence/widget, the sidebar container appears at right column…

For developer as example for your theme : you will see a function in functions.php to define in admin UI which sidebar must be cloned and some new lines in sidebar.php and sidebar-front.php in the child theme.

Version 1.1.2 improves search form.

twentytwelve-xili v1.1.2